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Carry Freedom’s Y Trailer in the ADAC Motorwelt

If you’re a cyclist looking for the latest gear for the new season, look no further than Motorwelt magazine’s Bike-Special. With a circulation of 5 million copies, this widely read automotive magazine offers readers a mix of information, services, reports, and entertainment, making it a valuable resource for all mobility enthusiasts. In the latest issue, […]

Carry Freedom – Y not a box?

In 2017, Jan Kallsen, a mathematician from Kiel, wondered if it was possible to live without a car while raising a family of four. He searched for a sturdy cargo trailer that could be used every day as a car substitute for transporting all kinds of items. After some research, Kallsen discovered that the combination […]

Carry Freedom’s Y Trailer: Your Ultimate Solution for Modern Transportation

Are you tired of relying on cars for all your transportation needs? Do you want to live a more eco-friendly, efficient, and flexible lifestyle? Look no further than the Y Trailer from Carry Freedom. With three different sizes to choose from and load capacities ranging from 45 kg to 90 kg, the Y Trailer is […]