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We have a lot to show you on this website. If you are new to trailers, have a look at our Trailer Science page in the Support section. Learn how to carry everyday loads like groceries, parcels, or camping gear. We will also show you ways of carrying special loads like surfboards, kayaks and other weird and wonderful stuff you never dreamed of pulling with your bike.

Free your life, free your bike and carry more and if you are looking for freedom, you have come to the right place.

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Meet the team

Daniela Ackmann

Daniela is from Quakenbrück in Germany. She co-founded USED in 2003. Daniela is responsible for back office, business strategy and a woman’s touch.

Bob Giddens

Bob was born in London and now lives in Germany. He is co-owner of USED GmbH and responsible for marketing and sourcing the trailers. Loves music and sings in a band.


Jim Lin is our manufacturer in Taiwan. We have been working with Jim for more than 10 years. We try to visit him once a year, pre-Covid. Maybe we will get there next year!

Nick Lobnitz

Nick Lobnitz started Carry Freedom in 2003. He’s a mechanical engineer with a passion for clean design. All Carry Freedom products go through his hands at some time.

what about the environment?



Resources – We reduce our impact on the environment by minimizing our use of resources such as paper and power, and recycling what we can. Our suppliers have a commitment to the environment and Carry Freedom supports people and projects that promote environmental awareness, to help educate people on better ways to live.

Location – USED in Germany, makes 60% more electricity than it uses. The excess is pushed back in to the grid system for others to use. This electricity is made using photovoltaic panels. We heat using wood pellets which allows us to use a low water temperature to power the heating system reducing our carbon footprint even more.

Carry Freedom’s original workshop is a renovated wooden chicken shed on a working farm in Scotland. This is incredibly well insulated and has very low lighting and heating requirements.


Where? – Our trailers are made in a modern facility in Taiwan by Excellent Products. All design work, testing, drawings and specifications are done in Germany.

Taiwan – We like Taiwan because of the good machining skills available there. Our supplier has become our good friend and is always ready and willing to improve the product. Taiwan is a democratic country, currently in a dispute with China over sovereignty. They are also one of the biggest bicycle producers in the world. We made many trips to Taiwan, where we recheck our company audit for working conditions and workers rights.

Why Asia? – Carry Freedom has always been a brand that distributes throughout the world. Asia is equidistant to all our markets and provides talented expertise and value for money.


Do you want to build your own trailer? Do you live in a part of the world where trailers are not available? We have the solution.

A few years ago Nick Lobnitz designed a simple trailer that anyone could build out of surplus material. The idea was for a project to teach simple manufacturing skills and to ease some transport problems in third world countries.

Build a DIY bicycle trailer from these free plans. There is no welding or tube bending to be done. Make it any size, from any material, even bamboo.

Since these plans were distributed, we have seen many versions of the homemade trailer. From Bolivia to Botswana, from the Philippines to Peru, people have made bicycle trailers out of left over parts and resources.

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