Carry Freedom’s Y Trailer: Your Ultimate Solution for Modern Transportation

Are you tired of relying on cars for all your transportation needs? Do you want to live a more eco-friendly, efficient, and flexible lifestyle? Look no further than the Y Trailer from Carry Freedom.

With three different sizes to choose from and load capacities ranging from 45 kg to 90 kg, the Y Trailer is the ultimate solution for all your non-car transportation needs. From groceries to camping gear, you can carry it all with ease, thanks to the Y Trailer’s sturdy construction and smooth ride, made possible by the IGUS bearings used for the wheel axles.

But the Y Trailer is more than just a cargo carrier. With optional flag and light holders, surfboard carriers, and better tie-down options, you can customize your Y Trailer to fit your specific needs. And the unique “lollipop” hitch design makes it easy to attach and detach your trailer from your bicycle, giving you the freedom to switch between cycling and walking as needed.

Ready to take the first step towards a car-free lifestyle? Check out the Y Trailer and all its great features. And with our fast and easy ordering process, you can have your very own Y Trailer delivered straight to your door in no time. Join the sustainable transportation revolution today with Carry Freedom and the Y Trailer.

Technical Specifications:
Y-Small Trailer Load Area: 60 x 40 cm, Load Capacity: 45 kg, Wheels: 16 inch
Y-Large Trailer Load Area: 70 x 50 cm, Load Capacity: 90 kg, Wheels: 20 inch
Y-X-Large Trailer Load Area: 90 x 60 cm, Load Capacity: 90 kg, Wheels: 20 inch

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