Africa trip!

What an expedition! From Madrid to Madagascar. A two year journey with two bikes, a trailer and a pedal powered cinema. This what the two adventurists wrote us:

We are happy to introduce you our project CINECICLETA.
This project is formed by cinema-lovers and bike-enthusiasts Isabel (31, Castellón) and Carmelo (45, Madrid) (SPAIN), a pair eager to share and travel.
CINECICLETA is a cultural, social and technologically sustainable project that we’ll be developing in rural areas of Africa for an estimated two-year period.
This bike-crazed journey will begin in Madrid, crossing Africa all the way to Madagascar through a plausible route -by bike only- in which we’ll be screening movies, short films and documentaries by means of our own mobile pedal powered cinema, which we’ll be carrying ourselves.
The electricity required for the show will come from the sheer cycling power of local people that will have to join in and give a hand to spark the magic of cinema, if only a little pedaling.
We are looking for a trailer to load the cinema! Something very reliable due to the staff is delicate, projector, multi-media player, and all the electronic circuits. The cinema is inside a flight case (550x550x380 mm). We think the right one would be the Y LARGE.
We would like to know if you are interested to collaborate with us, donating us one of your trailers, it would be sooooo cool for us.
We have a Facebook page and a blog. We have a lot of visibility in international press and TV (you can see in the other dossier) and we are going to film a documentary of our trip as well. A lot of film directors are collaborating with us: Isabel Coixet, Javier Fesser, Chema Rodriguez… donating us films.
We think it would be cool for you too collaborate with us!

Well we could not say no! The trip is underway, check out the website for more information and to follow the project.
Link: >>>>>>GO<<<<<<

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