Need Thru-Axles?

Some of you out there might be looking for 12mm thru-axles to fit a Carry Freedom Y to your new MTB, with those cool new hubs. The Robert Axle Project is a thru-axle that fits for all kinds of trailers use, including now the Carry Freedom Y. This what Robert Axle Project say on their Website:

In 2010, the bike industry added a new “standard” for the attachment of the rear wheel – the “12x142mm axle” – for mountain bikes. A significant improvement for mountain bikes, the 12mm axle adds increased rigidity, creating a stiffer, more responsive back end and improved the rear wheel assembly.

We are working on bringing these axles into our product range very soon. But for now they are easy to order online. Be warned there are three different threads being used by bike manufacturers right now: 1″, 1.5″ and 1.75″ – so make sure you have the correct thread. Here’s a link: Link to Robert Axle Project

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