• The hard way to do it

    Bikes 'n' Boats

    With a bike and a trailer in search of wild water! Director Olaf Obsommer has made some the best action video films we have ever seen. Thanks for using Carry Freedom trailers!


    Over the Mountains

    Sometimes you have to take the hard way and if the pass is closed, you pack your stuff in the kayak and use it as a sledge!


    Looking for the wild water

    Three bikes, three kayaks on three Carry Freedom trailers and the toughest route from A2B. But this is not just a bike ride, these guys show their kayaking skills as well.

Carry Freedom Expeditions: BIKE2BOAT

All photos here by Jens Klatt


Norway instead of Argentina, cycle rather than car, tent instead of tidy hotel. On their trip through Norway Olaf Obsommer, Jens Klatt and Philip Baues will travel from river to river – by fair means and with their kayaks on a bicycle trailer. This time it‘s not only about the highest waterfall, it‘s about the journey itself: the scenery, the people and about discovering simplicity.

Land of raging waters Norway is a kingdom – not only as a system of government but also in terms of kayaking. Numerous fjords and islands indent the 25.000 kilometer long Atlantic coastline, the character of the heartland is (yet) shaped by untamed rivers and countless waterfalls.

Travelling without emissons Alrighty – roadtrip! Let‘s get the boats on the roof rack and hit the road! Or what about having a look at the carbon footprint for once? This grew quite big on the boys‘ expeditions around the globe. But on a bike? This will be a tough job …!

No pain, no gain Olaf, Jens and Philip want to »earn« the rivers they will paddle. True to the motto »pain is temporary, glory is forever« they know that they will face a stiff piece of work with their ambitious tour – mentally and physically.

Discovering tranquility And what about availablility? Usually we all have mobiles, e-mail, Skype – and in between we post our latest gossip on Facebook. Everyone who‘s not keeping up with that is labeled as an outsider pretty fast. How cool would it be, to just pull the plug and get rid of all that stress? To travel at slow speed, rather than time-zone-hopping until the head is spinning. On their bikes Olaf, Jens and Philip may will be slow, but they will have the time to really soak up all the impressions on their way.

The clock is ticking In Norway there is no nuclear energy and just one coal power station. This principally positive energy policy is threatening more and more riverine ecosystems. A lot of wild mountain gorges will be dammed to big artificial ponds anytime soon. So it‘s high time to immerse into the spectacular whitewater world before it‘s too late.


Olaf Obsommer The award-winning film maker and producer is a living legend in whitewater kayaking. From his first movie to his latest production »In search of the River God II« it was a long way. As the initiator of the famous Sickline event, Olaf by now executes big TV-projects for adidas outdoor and major German TV shows as SternTV and Aktuelles Sportstudio have broadcasted many of his impressive kayaking shots. Besides regional and also international programs like italian RAI and Gillette Sports report on his adventures on a regular basis.

Jens Klatt Over the years, Jens gained a reputation as one of the best outdoor-photographers in the business. His works were published in numerous magazines and newspapers such as outdoor, Geo Saison, Men‘s Health, Allmountain and 4-Seasons. Jens is working for happy clients like adidas, Globetrotter, Ötztal Tourism, TK Hockey or Aqualung. As a creative mind, Jens is not only shooting extraordinary pictures but also a freelance graphic designer.

Philip Baues Philip is a freelance journalist writing for big German speaking outdoor magazines such as 4-Seasons, KANUmagazin, adidas magalog, Abenteuer Reisen and more. He also created ahoimag – a core magazine for the whitwater paddling scene. Philip is still going for the big stuff in his kayak and loves to travel the globe searching for adventures and new rivers.




This is an exciting and fantastic trip. It’s a film made by our friend Olaf Obsommer. With bike & boat from Cannes to Venice. After last year’s Bike2Boat trip through Norway, Olaf Obsommer, Jens Klatt and Philip Baues decided to step up the game: Between Cannes and Venice they travelled the wild waters of Central Europe — and even used the kayak as a sledge when the going got tough. But see the video for that.
The project was 5 countries, 2000 kilometers, 22.000 meters of altitude, 18 rivers, 52 days on the bike and in the boat. There are not many ways to travel the Alps more intense then by bicycle, kayak and a Carry Freedom bike trailer. Stop where you want, sleep where you fall over and paddle as much as you can.

The big journey has come to an end 
The plan was ambitious, the route was long and the mountains were high: With their kayaks on a Carry Freedom bicycle trailer Olaf Obsommer, Jens Klatt and Philip Baues took off to travel through the entire European Alps, from river to river and in a constant search for the best whitewater. On July 9th 2013 the three adventurers finally reached their designation Venice — sweaty and exhausted but rewarded with one-in-a-lifetime experiences from their two-month trip. Olaf, Jens and Philip had everything they needed on the road in panniers or stuffed in the kayaks: Paddling equipment, sleeping bag and mat, tent, stove, food and all the photo and video equipment to document this unique journey. From the starting point in Cannes on the Côte d’Azur they traveled through the French Maritime Alps over to Italy, via Piemonte to Swiss Ticino further to Graubünden, over the Austrian border down the Inn and up the Ötz valley, over the Timmelsjoch to South Tyrol, from there onwards to East Tyrol, further to the Soca in Slovenia to finally discover the Venetian channels with the kayak. This trip was not about the highest waterfalls but about the journey itself: the scenery, the people and about discovering simplicity.

The Route
From Cannes via Route Napoleon across the French Maritime Alps, along the Durance, by Briançon to Italy. From there to Lago Maggiore and Ticino to Graubünden, on over the Albula pass towards St. Moritz, down the Inn and up the Ötz valley over the Timmelsjoch. Then via South and East Tyrol and Slovenia back to the Mediterranean to Venice.

The Mountain Passes
Col de la Cayolle (2327 m), Col d’Echelle (1766 m), Lukmanier (1915 m), Albula (2315 m), Timmelsjoch (2509 m), Jaufen (2094 m), Klammljoch (2288 m), Gailbergsattel (981 m), Predil (1156 m).

Why do this?
Everyone is talking about the climate change, burnout and globalization. But how far can you really get with nothing than your own power? Is it possible to travel the Alps without any CO2 emission even with a kayak on board? Can you manage to escape your daily routine? Bike2Boat is plea for slow movement.

Athletes: Jens Klatt, Philip Baues
Production Company: Big-O-Productions








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